Comprehensive Service

From the beginning phases of planning and conceptual work to the final approvals and dedication ceremony, MACO Construction offers a turn-key solution for your remodeling, expansion, or new build needs. We listen to you and help to meet your needs through each phase of development: design, architecture, engineering, and construction.

You do not become our clients… you become our partners as we assist you throughout the design-build process to help you receive the highest quality for the fairest price.

With our partnership, we can work together to determine whether to include the modern and/or traditional amenities that best meets your needs today and tomorrow, including:

  1. Complete ADA accessibility

  2. Full-stage theatrical lighting systems

  3. Appropriate audio and visual systems

  4. Relevant children and youth spaces

  5. Video editing/production studios

  6. Under-platform storage systems

  7. Focal-point baptisteries

  8. Fireside lounges

  9. Full-service kitchens

  10. Music and production suites